You are in the city of my thoughts.. so don't freak out because I know the place so well.. I'll hold your hand step by step because the electricity hasn't reach here yet.. only if you leave your mind at the doorway.. because it will be annoyed so much if it look behind and find every thing look differant than the previous look..! anyhow.. forget about all this.. because you will never get out Just like you got in.. Never..!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Arabic Blog "مدونتي العربية"

If you looking for my arabic blog, it is not here any more.. I've moved it to
آدي عنوان مُكنتي الجديدة (على رأي ابو النجوم)
أتمنى لكم أنفاس ممتعة...!

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