You are in the city of my thoughts.. so don't freak out because I know the place so well.. I'll hold your hand step by step because the electricity hasn't reach here yet.. only if you leave your mind at the doorway.. because it will be annoyed so much if it look behind and find every thing look differant than the previous look..! anyhow.. forget about all this.. because you will never get out Just like you got in.. Never..!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dusk of... something..!!

(First publish 14 April 2008)

I changed the title of this postmany times.. that's usually happens when you decide to write firstbefore you decide "writing what"..!
It was "Duskof Microsoft" -because I'm Open Source fan- then "Dusk ofdemocracy" -because I'm realistic...!!- then it just came up tomy mind..
It is the dusk of writing.. Of blogging to bemore correct..
the bloggers has became a majority ofpeople.. everybody now has a blog and has something to write and mostof it is complainments or welcome massages to the End of days..!!
andwhen so many people write.. no body read..!
I was once amember of a very special forum which have gathered a huge number ofthe elite in poetry and novel and story writing.... but this didn'tlast for too long.
What the hell I'm saying..??!!
gofind the ideas before writing any thing.. and then you 'll certainlywrite things better than this post..!!!

Elections,, Elections..!!

(First published 26 March in Fanbox)

Oook.. this is about the US elections..
And for some reason, when the Kryptonian criminals wanted to meet the Earth governor, Superman' director made them meet the US president..! long before any human being learn about the new world order and the One-pole -world..
So, you Americans knew long enough that you are choosing the world governor every few years.. last time you have chose a disaster and put it into the white house..!!
So, learn from your errors.. coz you've -and also the whole world- suffered enough..
I know that some of you is worried about this Hussein thing in Obama's name.. don't worry..! Obama is not a Muslem any more..! And even if, he had promise to support Israel in all ways, And so did Clinton, and so did McCain..
So, it is indifferent, at least for Arabs..
Just choose carfully.. choose a president who stops war.. and preventing any American from catching up with the 4000 who been killed in Iraq..
I'm not democrat, and not republican. coz I'm simply not American..!
but At least.. I think that a democrat president will work for stopping the wars here and there..
and please.. choose a real democrat..a democrat for Democracy.. not a specific party..!!

Back from Aswan-Egypt, But first..!

(first published in 11 February 2008 in FanBox)

But first.. that's very "Mask"..!

but first, the African Cup..
Egypt Has won the cup.. which is good, but some people says that the world is really exaggerating the event, as there are no other concerns..
but I totally disagree with that.the cup IS a concern if you really need to drink coffee..!
so my dear world.. don't envy us for having an enemy in the East, Colonial invadors in the West, Poverty, corruption, injustice deep inside..
we are the cup winners.. and we also make a good coffee..!

When the trader bankrupted..!

Hi all..
I just had some difficulties in concentration.. some of you -those who really know me in particular..!!- may say that this is a quality for me not just an emergent state.. but I really can't concentrate more than ever.. I declared to many people that I learned XHTML, Adobe Flash and FreeHand in a week and I'll master them in another week.. but I just lost my concentration so I failed..
Many pressures on me may be guilty in this failure.. I'm jobless and I want to remain jobless till I finish my course to get a really decent job.. but being jobless is a real pressure which can make you stop thinking..
Back to blogging thing.. I'm now boardcasting this blog on the FaceBook.. so anything you read or say will be facebooked..
and as we say in my country: when the trader get bankrupted, he have to search his old books..!
So I did, and I found these post (the following three: "Back from Aswan-Egypt, But first..!","Elections,, Elections..!!","Dusk of... something..!!") in some nowhere called Fanbox..
Just finish reading these till I write some fresh posts..

Side note (like side effect):
this post is the beginning of a new label called Recyclopedia.. I was searching my mind for a word that describes a place to put the dirty ideas and cheap useless talk etc. then I invented the word Recyclopedia (since I'm abig Wikipedia fan) but when I google it I found that the word got a big history.. but-still- no one used it my way except me and an American poet called Harryette Mullen who had a whole poetry collection with the title "Recyclopedia"..!!
(can the Telepathy be that powerful..??!!)
If you turned down the media
so I could write a book
then you could look me up
in your voluminous recyclopedia

Have you noticed "turned down the media"..?!
I just love the American poetry..! ;)
anyway.. this is the recyclopedia theory
so don't give a damn for anything I write under this label
and pleeease don't play smart by counting how many "I's" I use in my posts..
I'm so fuckin' self-centred.. I know it already.. OK..?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shame on me..!!

Back again after I failed -again..!!- in all my commitments..!
I promised to blog at least once a week and I failed..
I wanted to be a good journalist and I failed..!
I promised my boss in the newspaper to do my best and I didn't..!
was journalism really my thing..?
or the good journalist is -simply- my opposite..! which I feel it's true..
sorry boss for letting you down..
I'm back this time with a project.. no more promises..
over and out..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

To 6th April

All the patriot movements in Egypt
had agreed
that the 6 th of April
to Be a day of

In this day
STAY at home
Don't go any where
Don't go to university
Don't go to school
Don't open your Shop
Don't open your pharmacy
Don't go to the police station
Don't go to the Barracks

Salaries to live on
Education for our children
Transportation for humans not for animals
Hospitals that can heal us
Medicine for our kids
Fair Judgement system
Freedom & Dignity
Apartments for marriage

High prices
Torture in police stations
Illegal arrest
Framed charges

Tell your friends not to leave their houses also
Make them Join the strike

Post these images anywhere to support the strike