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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Elections,, Elections..!!

(First published 26 March in Fanbox)

Oook.. this is about the US elections..
And for some reason, when the Kryptonian criminals wanted to meet the Earth governor, Superman' director made them meet the US president..! long before any human being learn about the new world order and the One-pole -world..
So, you Americans knew long enough that you are choosing the world governor every few years.. last time you have chose a disaster and put it into the white house..!!
So, learn from your errors.. coz you've -and also the whole world- suffered enough..
I know that some of you is worried about this Hussein thing in Obama's name.. don't worry..! Obama is not a Muslem any more..! And even if, he had promise to support Israel in all ways, And so did Clinton, and so did McCain..
So, it is indifferent, at least for Arabs..
Just choose carfully.. choose a president who stops war.. and preventing any American from catching up with the 4000 who been killed in Iraq..
I'm not democrat, and not republican. coz I'm simply not American..!
but At least.. I think that a democrat president will work for stopping the wars here and there..
and please.. choose a real democrat..a democrat for Democracy.. not a specific party..!!

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