You are in the city of my thoughts.. so don't freak out because I know the place so well.. I'll hold your hand step by step because the electricity hasn't reach here yet.. only if you leave your mind at the doorway.. because it will be annoyed so much if it look behind and find every thing look differant than the previous look..! anyhow.. forget about all this.. because you will never get out Just like you got in.. Never..!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When thoughts sneeze..

I could say that when thoughts sneeze, it does that suddenly.. for example I was suppose to write that post tomorrow.. but could you stop yourself sneezing when you want to..?
Something else.. a friend -a college in my newspaper- told me that if you catch a cold, you better take this description: eat fish, eat eggs, drink milk..! I know that you recognized the face of suicide in this thing, but if you think again, those things will just make the cold harder.. and Cold is just like a course,the harder it gets the sooner it end.. what this description does is just speeding the wheel..
that's another common thing..
You can't control a thought.. and when it comes, just feed its hunger to end it fast..
or as I said in Fa7maya فحماية : the right word is an ember in your chest, it won't mercy you unless you spit it out..
A philosopher..? oh yeah.. I heard it a lot already.. almost every time I opened my mouth in somebody's face..!
To be back soon..

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