You are in the city of my thoughts.. so don't freak out because I know the place so well.. I'll hold your hand step by step because the electricity hasn't reach here yet.. only if you leave your mind at the doorway.. because it will be annoyed so much if it look behind and find every thing look differant than the previous look..! anyhow.. forget about all this.. because you will never get out Just like you got in.. Never..!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If you ever loved..

When you see your lover -Your wish from life-
appearing just before your eyes,
close them.. and stand with him..
because if you open your eyes, you'll see his picture..
But when you close them..
you will see his meaning...!


حسن أمين said...

but when i close my eyes she (of course not he , i;m not gay ) she may left me stand alone like an idiot ! am i wrong ?
love is a bad diease ..but you have to be sick with it to get you strength and toughness in your comming days..pure love cann't live with .. but some love with other factors like cleverness , wisdom , caring and rationalism can make an accepted recipe for life..
congrates on your blog ..
and happy feast man
see you

أحمد فيصل said...

Question.. Can you be more lame..?!
love is -indeed- a bad disease.. and I got my strength back in the only right way
I just healed myself..!
After trying so many recipes.. the only recipe that really worked is this: there is no recipes for life.. success is mere random..!